Binom AI Seller

Create your company’s Ai to sell goods and services 24/7 applying the best sales strategies and increasing your conversion rate.

What is a Binom AI Seller?

What an AI Seller will do?

Consult clients 24/7

Take orders

Issue invoices

Check buyers’ satisfaction

And any additional customised functionality

Register with Binom AI​

Upload information about your products and company

Create your desired Ai Seller interface

Train your Ai Seller by answering its questions

How it works?

It's worth trying to understand that it is very easy to use.

What will you get?​

1. Save your time on routine activity

Let your Expert answer all standard questions on your behalf

2. Monetise your expertise and knowledge

Let your Ai Expert perform your role and make money for you

3. Let your expertise serve the society

Make it possible for all who require your expertise to talk to you and ask for an advice, at possibly more affordable price than in private with you

What do I get?

1. Flawless Clients Service

AI Seller will provide the best quality support in accordance with your company's culture

2. 24/7 Multilingual Support

Ai Seller will support your clients in different languages, working tirelessly and flawlessly 24/7

3. Multitask Specialist

AI Seller will process multiple customer requests simultaneously, taking orders, issuing invoices, and asking for feedback

4. Data Analytics

AI Seller will constantly analyse interactions with your clients to improve your Sales Strategies


It takes only a few hours to create your Ai. Then, you’ll only spend a couple of hours per week further educating and training it.

First, your AI will learn from the materials you’ll share with it, like bios, descriptions, articles, price lists, etc. Then, based on its interaction with you and other real people, it will generate its own additional questions, which you’ll be asked to answer and explain in detail. 

The AI education process resembles the raising of a baby. It will ask you questions and learn from your answers, communication style, logic, values, attitude, etc. 

You can share the link to your AI chat page with anyone you want, or make it public to let anyone discuss any subject within your scope of expertise with your AI. 

You also decide what form your Ai will get when communicating with your audience, whether a text chat, SM messenger or a personalised video character – your AI can be integrated into any interface.

All data is processed using secure technologies in accordance with GDPR protocols. Data protection from hacking is provided not only by Binom AI professionals but also by Microsoft and AWS technologies.


Have any further questions?

It’s time to try out our Binom AI yourself!

Simply ask an AI Seller a question to get all information about a company, its products or policies to make the best purchase decision.


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